A compendyous regyment or a dyetary of healthe made in Mountpyllyer,- by Andrew Boorde, Welsh traveller, physician and writer, 1490?- 1549 ( on Early English Books)


The vertuose boke of dystillacyon - Hyeronimus Brunschwig, c.1450- 1512 (EarlyEnglish Books and Wellcome Collection)


Ortus Sanitatis - Johann Pruss, 1497

De Costa hours - Illuminated by Simon Bening, c. 1515


The moste pleasuante of the interpretacion of dreames - by Thomas Hill, 1528


The gardeners labyrinth - by Thomas Hill, 1528. Also on


The Castel of Helthe - by Thomas Elyot (on Early English Books). Also as scanned manuscript here.


The Byrth of Mankynde - by Rosslin Eucharius, 1545


Book of Hours, c 1540


A new herball - by William Turner, 1551 (on the Library of Congress and Early English Books)

A most excellent and perfecte homish apothecarye - 1561 (Library of Congress)


Royal and practical chymistry in three treatises - by Oswald Croll, 1560 - 1609


The secretes of the reverende Maister Alexis of Piemount - by Girolamo Ruscelli, 1565 (Early English Books)

The enimie of idlenesse teaching the maner and stile how to endite, compose and write all sorts of epistles and letters - William Fulwood, 1568


A proper Booke of Cookery - 1575 (on Medieval Cookery)


The Government of Health- by William Bullein, 1576 (Early English Books)


The discouverie of witchcraft - 1584 (Library of Congress)


The Olde Mans Dietarie - by Thomas Newton, 1586 (Early English Books)


A choice manual of rare and select secrets - by Lady Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kent, 1581 - 1651 ( Early English Books)

The Good Huswifes Jewell - by Thomas Dawson, 1585 (Early English Books)


A Good Huswifes Handmaide for the Kitchin - by Thomas Dawson, 1595 (on Foods of England)


The treasurie of commodius conceits - by John Partridge, 1573 (Early English Books)


The widowes treasure - remedies and recipes by John Partridge, 1588 (Early English Books)


The treasurie of commodius conceits - by John Partridge, 1591 (Early English Books)


The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes - John Gerarde, 1597 (Library of  Congress)


Dyets Dry Dinner - by Henry Buttes, 1599 ( Early English Books)


The English secretary, or Methode of writing of epistles and letters - Angel Day, 1599

The English House-vvife - by Gervase Markham, 1568-1637? (EarlyEnglish Books)


Ioyfull news out of the New Found world - bby E.Allde, 1596 (

Countrey Contentments or The English Hous-wife - by Gervase Markham, first published in 1615


Delights for ladies - by Sir Hugh Plat, 1632 ( Library of Congress)


The Herball - by John Gerard, 1636 (


The Complete Herbal - Thomas Culpeper ( and Wellcome Collection)

Culpeper's Complete Herbal - Online Alphabetical Index 


English Medical Book - a notebook containing medical recipes, 1573- 1663 (Welcome Library)

John Dee - astrologer and magician - his books online


John Dee - his private diary

Robert Burton - The anatomy of melancholy, 1621

Sarah Jinner - The womans almanack: or, prognostication for ever: shewing the nature of the planets, with the events that shall befall women and children born under them, 1659

Daniel Defoe - A Journal of the Plague Year on and on YouTube, 1665.

The family physician - Harvery Gideon, 1678

The kitchin-physician - T.K. , 1680


A compleat history of druggs - Pierre Pomet, 1737



The Paston Letters - 15th century letters of the Pastons


Bess of Hardwick Letters - complete correspondence 1550 - 1608 







The Agas Map of London - an interactive map depicting London in 1561






Paleography course - the study of old handwriting, on National Archives

Archaeology of Reading - 36 digitized versions of early printed books with tens of thousands of handwritten notes left by John Dee and Gabriel Harvey

Future Learn - The Tudors (free course)

Future Learn - A History of Royal Fashion (free course)

English Handwriting 1500 - 1700 - online course 

University of Oxford - Investigating the Elizabethans - online course 

Gresham College - Elizabeth's Ghost: The Afterlife of the Queen in the Stuart Era

Gresham College - Medical and Surgical Therapeutics: Scientific Advances in the Tudor Era

Gresham College - The Natural Environment of Tudor London 




Currency converter - National Archives

Useful measurements - The Tudor Tailor

Medieval and Renaissance Material Culture - a vast collection of links and resources

New Year's gifts for Queen Elizabeth 

The Mary Rose Museum - artefacts gallery

Mendelschen and Landauer 12 Brothers House Foundations - illustrations of manufacturing processes and handicrafts in Nuremberg, Germany

The Cleveland Museum of Art - textile collection

Dr Alun Whitey - historian of medicine and of the body

History Extra - medicine and health

Circle of the Year - the Tudor Stillroom - converting between old and new date styles

Living with the Tudors  - video about Kentwell Hall recreation events

Signed, sealed and undelivered - dedicated to a fascinating collection of undelivered 17th century letters

Letterlocking - on the technology of folding and securing letters before the invention of the envelope in the 19th century

History of medicine timeline

Letter writing in Renaissance Engand - Folger Shakespeare Library

Free coat of arms maker